In the wooden villa located in Władysławowo (Morska 6 Street), which was owned by the General Haller before the war, there is now the General Joseph Haller’s (and his soldiers) Memory Centre – commonly called the Hallerowka.

The fishing port inWładysławowo has been built in the years 1935-1938 and now it is one of the largest ports in the Baltic Sea. In 1952, the port obtained the official name – Władysławowo – in order to commemorate the military fort built in the seventeenth century at the request of the King Władysław IV.
The port in Władysławowo is located in the open sea and it is one of the most modern ports in terms of equipment, handling of fishing boats, fishing and the whole processing facility. Moreover, it acts as a sailing marina. In the port, vessels can get fuel, water, food, make necessary repairs and renovations, and their crews can use electricity, showers and sanitary facilities.
In summer period, it is a base for cruises on the sea for tourists.
Throughout the entire year, Władysławowo organizes trips to trout fishing (with the use of a fishing rod). This is a great attraction for those, who like fishing.

The promenade was established in a close proximity to the Olympic Training Center in Cetniewo. It leads to the beach and includes 48 brass starts placed in granite slabs. Each star has an engraved name, surname and discipline of sport.
Every year, new sports stars are honored here (among others, Irena Szewińska, Jerzy Kulej, Mateusz Kusznierewicz or Sylwia Gruchała, who had a special contribution to the Polish sport).The festival is accompanied by numerous events and artistic programs.
Olympic Training Centre in Cetniewo has clay and hard courts, sports grounds, swimming pool, as well as it offers a rental of sports equipment.

In Władysławowo (near the Avenue of Sports Stars), there is 6 rock plates, which symbolize 6 eight-thousanders caputed by Poles. Ultimately, 14 plates are planned. The monument was built from sandstone blocks, which was specially brought from Sweden. Individual rocks have the height of 2.5-4 meters. Every year, each plate will be supplemented by brass panels with information who and when got a certain top. The first panel presents the names of Eugeniusz Chrobak and Andrzej Marciniak. This panel reminds their entrance to the top of Mount Everest.

The Ocean Park is located at Żwirowa Street. This is the only one „Ocean Park” in Poland. The biggest attraction of the Ocean Park is 34 meter long blue whale and dozens of other marine and oceanic mammals and fish such as the sperm whale, whale shark, basking shark, giant squid and others. All exhibits present life-sizes of real animals.

This is a monumental building from the fifties of the last century. I was built as a hotel for fishermen. Its high and soaring tower is a landmark of Władysławowo. Currently, the Fisherman’s House is the seat of the city authorities. The tower is an excellent vantage point of the Bay of Puck, Hel Peninsula and cliff coast up to Rozewie. An observation deck is located at a height of 45 meters.

Lunapark Sowiński is located at General Haller Street. It includes many attractions like observation wheel, karts and many other carousels. You can also ride in a “choo-choo” train between Władysławowo and Jastrzębia Góra.

The museum is located in the observation tower in the Fisherman’s House.

The track is Władysławowo is 350 meters long and 8-9 meters wide. It has profiled turns and gravel traps. The track has karts with different power of engine adapted for both children and adults.
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Fishing Port In Władysławowo
Aleja Gwiazd Sportu we Władysławowie - Korona Himalajów
Crown Of The Himalayas
Dom Rybaka Władysławowo
Fisherman’s House